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Have you ever wondered if something was intuition, or just "wishful thinking?"

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Erika's passion is awakening souls to the magic of who they are, what they are here to do, and to live the life they were designed to live.

Erika's awakening began when she personally experienced her own healing of an "incurable" disease, which ignited a passion for sharing with others the incredible possibilities of the human body to heal itself through physical, emotional and spiritual practices.

Embodying a balanced blend of clinical and scientific, along with an intimate understanding of universal laws, energy and consciousness practices, Erika's unique gift allows her to introduce these principles and techniques to a vast range of people.

Having spent the last several years traveling the globe, speaking to audiences of thousands of people about health, science, and research, Erika's work is shifting back into what the collective consciousness is yearning for ..... true healing, meaning, and living an abundant life free from fear and limitations.

Using a blend of naturopathy, energy healing, spiritual counseling, channeling and intuitive guidance, Erika's expertise spans multiple disciplines, which share the same common thread ~ applying universal consciousness and principles to all aspects of life. To your health, within your family and your children, in your intimate love relationship, and to your soul.

Al-chem-y (n)

A seemingly magical process of transformation or creation, or both.

"Whoa. This healing, combined with the others, is having a positive, profound impact in my life. I feel freer and more peaceful. I’m definitely in an amazing state of flow as things are happening like crazy! The best part is my relationship with my mom. I’m opening up to her like I never have before and she is responding so well. It’s really beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. Seriously, Erika, I am so deeply happy our paths crossed."


"After the energy healing session - I really felt a big difference in my life. My perception of certain things shifted, I became aware of certain patterns in my life, and I began to value myself more. I really feel like the session accelerated my healing and self-love journey so much! I am so grateful that I did this session and if you’re thinking of doing something like this for yourself, do it! "


"I’m finally able to start to fully understand and feel the healing you helped me find this week. The entire experience was literally heaven sent in every sense that expression implies. It’s extraordinary to realize my past false perceptions and then be given the gift of clarity and healing. I know thank you can seem trite at times but there are no other words. So thank you!!! "


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Have you ever wondered if something was intuition, or maybe just "wishful thinking"?  

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